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The Adaptive Learning Qbank for USMLE® Step 1

Thieme | Area9 offers you the most efficient preparation for USMLE Step 1 and course exams. Our adaptive learning Qbank continuously adjusts on your learning needs and your individual progress. By delivering high quality content and detailed explanations depending on your progress you get a learning experience similar to having a personal medical school coach.

Stay focused on relevant topics instead of starting from the beginning every time. With our adaptive learning Qbank, you focus on your knowledge gaps and improve your scores faster.

Adaptive Qbank Key Features

4,000+ Challenging Step 1 Questions
Prepare with over 4,000 USMLE-style multiple choice questions and detailed explanations that review high-yield topics.
Full-length, 280 Question Practice Exam
Once you’ve achieved your ideal proficiency, you can test your knowledge with our full-length practice exam.
Create-Your-Own Practice Sets
Customize your study and create your own adaptive practice sets containing multiple choice questions and vital background information.
Comprehensive and Insightful Reports
Use our detailed proficiency and metacognition reports to track your performance and gain deep insights into your learning progress over time.


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