The Adaptive Learning Qbank

The Thieme | Area9 adaptive learning Qbank is a new innovative platform featuring adaptive learning technology. Adaptive learning is an approach that uses sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence to adapt to your existing knowledge, confidence level, and schedule. The adaptive learning Qbank evolves continuously from the moment you sign in. By actively identifying and addressing areas of greatest need, the Qbank can increase studying efficiency and decrease the amount of time to proficiency.

To power the adaptive algorithm, we ask you to rate your confidence after each question or slide in a practice set. The result of this metacognitive input, along with multiple aspects of your interaction with the system (for example, how long you take to respond), is analyzed in real time to determine the next content to be presented.

Create your own practice sheet

Create your own adaptive practice sets

You can customize your study plan by filtering through our Qbank subjects and creating your own adaptive practice sets for USMLE® Step 1.

High-Yield USMLE® Step 1 Questions

The Qbank contains over 4,000 USMLE-style multiple choice questions and background information slides that review high-yield topics.

Our content is written by subject matter experts who are practicing physicians, professors, or researchers. A team of medical students who have successfully completed the USMLE Step 1 works with our editorial staff to review all content for clarity, medical accuracy, and a standardized structure.

USMLE Step 1 Practice Exam Question

Full-length Practice Exam

Once you’ve achieved your ideal proficiency and metacognition score, you can test your knowledge with our full-length practice exam.

The practice exam mimics the content and experience of Test Day. You can mark questions to return to later and expand or minimize lab values. Each practice exam is individually scored, and you can pause the exam at any time to return to it later.

Reports for in-depth analysis

After you complete an adaptive practice set, your progress will be updated in Reports.

Proficiency reports show your how many questions you answered correctly, and metacognition reports show your progress towards conscious competence.

Conscious competence, also known as “knowing what you know”, is the ultimate goal. Once you achieve conscious competence, you have fully mastered your targeted subjects.

Learner Report

More Highlights

Responsive Design
Available on mobile + web, meaning you can study on-the-go
Metacognition Buttons
Power the adaptive algorithm after each question, enabling adjustments in real time
Detailed explanations
Charts and illustrations included in explanations help conceptualize complex processes
Mark Questions
Mark questions so that you can easily review them later


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