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How-to: Preparing for USMLE® Step 1 in Europe

January 20, 2020 |
Preparation For medical students from Zurich like me, by the end of the 8th semester our curriculum will have covered all the preclinical subjects such as anatomy, histology, biostatistics and biochemistry as well as the clinical appearance and pathophysiology for most of the diseases from all the clinical specialties, which more or less corresponds to [...]

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5 Questions with Dr. Khurram Jamil

January 6, 2020 |
What is adaptive learning? Adaptive learning is a computer-based teaching system that adapts in real-time to the needs of each learner. The system typically uses formative assessment, which is a question-based teaching technique, to assess the current cognitive state of the learner. The Qbank constantly adjusts and readjusts the lesson content and teaching approach. Creating [...]

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The USMLE® Guide

December 1, 2019 |
The USMLE® (United States Medical Licensing Examination) is an examination required to be taken by all american medical students to become doctors as well as foreign medical students/doctors to practice medicine in the USA. The USMLE entails three STEP examinations testing applicants' knowledge through multiple-choice questions, clinical cases and patient care. This guide helps you [...]

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