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January 29, 2020 |

Are you one of the numerous beta testers who registered for our adaptive learning Qbank? So, this is the right place to thank you all for this stunning feedback! We still are in the process of reviewing your suggestions and working to improve our QBank to make it the best learning tool to help reach high scores on your USMLE® Step 1 exam.

Have you heard of us or come across us in some other way? Join the growing community of adaptive learners and sign up for our beta test! Give us your feedback and help us to further improve the product.

In this blog post, we’d like to introduce you a new feature: The USMLE practice exam. The practice exam consists of 280 questions, mimicking the test day experience. During the 7-hour practice exam, you can: flag questions to answer later, access lab values and pause the test to take a study break.

But hold on a second, before you start testing this new feature, let us give you a small overview of what you can expect when you first log in to our QBank.

Adaptive Learning Qbank Dashboard

The core feature of the USMLE Step 1 QBank are the practice sets. This is where you learn the adaptive way. There are more than 3,000 USMLE Step 1 questions at your disposal. By probing your current knowledge to uncover gaps, the QBank focuses only on what you don’t know. Such personalization using adaptive learning creates a new learning experience — and at scale. The personalized approach also raises self-awareness and is inherently more engaging as you do not have to sit through material you have already mastered.

Wondering what to do next? Here’s how to get started:

  • Create a practice set by choosing which discipline or organ system you’d like to study, the level of difficulty and how many questions you want to answer.
  • The metacognition buttons give you the opportunity to make an assessment. Are you sure you know the answer? Be honest and don’t worry about not knowing or being unsure about something. We use this information to optimize your path to proficiency.
The Metacognition Buttons
  • Check your performance. Our reports page tracks your performance in five main areas:
    1. Total time spent – this will display how much time you spent answering practice questions
    2. Performance – the distribution of correct and incorrect answers
    3. Validated Proficiency – the percentage of questions that the learner has answered correct
    4. Metacognition – This is about reflecting your learning and understanding of what you know and don’t know
    5. Exam completion – How many times you completed the exam and how much time spent on each one
QBank Learner Reports

You want to test USMLE Step 1?

Let’s assume you feel well prepared for a practice exam. Go for it and practice the USMLE exam with 280 questions from all content categories, matching the percent breakdown of the real Step 1 exam!

Once you are confident with your practice exam score, you can review your answers for detailed explanations. These answers will be tracked in the performance reports and can focus on them in a new practice set.

We hope we’ve piqued your curiosity. Start today with our new learning experience and practice for your USMLE Step 1 exam the adaptive way!

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